Speaking and Writing are Important

Speaking and Writing are Important

Speaking and Writing are Important

Speaking and Writing are Both Important for Effective Communication

Just What is Effective Communication?
Communicating effectively is not always as easy as it seems. One of the biggest failures in communication is that belief that it has taken place. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that they may have said or written something and think that their message is clear. If there were really the case, then we would have no misunderstandings, arguments, lawsuits or wars.

The Definition
The cambridge defines communication as “the act of communicating with people” or “the process by which messages are sent from one person to another”. One of the key components in the definitions is people. People often think they have said or transmitted a message, but in reality, the other person has to receive that message. Because humans are involved, there are the other aspects of communication that needs to be considered – emotions, tone, phrasing, etc, etc and the list goes on.

The Voice We Hear is NOT the Voice Other People Hear
We need to realise that the voice that we hear when we speak is not the voice that people hear. Therefore, when we speak, we often think that we have said something, we have sent a message, but the other person receives another message. We may have intended something pleasant, but it comes off as unpleasant. We need to be sensitive about how other people hear us. We need to know how to use our voice to convey a message in the way we intended. This will minimise misunderstandings.

Is Written Communication Any Different?
It is no different in writing. The same written words can be interpreted differently, depending on who reads it. In the same way, a simple e-mail to convey a message may need to be structured differently, depending on who you’re sending that e-mail to and why.

People need to be keenly aware of how speech and writing play an important role in providing a professional image and this will certainly affect career advancement.

What then Do I Do?
English remains the language of global businesses and is the most effective means of gaining access to stakeholders. Stand out from the crowd and create positive impressions through proper spoken and written English. It’s essential for both leaders and the general workforce.

Proficient spoken and written English communicates clearly and precisely. It invokes emotion, loyalty and respect. It increases efficiency and productivity. Eliminate mistakes and minimise misunderstandings.

Be The Voice Academy is proud to partner Be Limitless Training Academy to bring you an Effective Communications course with a difference. Places are NOT limitless and will be restricted to 7 participants only.


The Course Objectives are:
  • Presentation Skills: Harnessing the Power of Voice
  • Understanding and Knowing Your Audience
  • Different Message Types in Business Writing
  • Tone in Business Communications
Dates and Time:
  • 5 to 8 October 2015 from 6.30pm to 9.30pm

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