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Be The VOICE Academy

We are an award winning Presentation Skills Training Centre that coaches our clients to use their voice to enhance their presentation skills, giving them the ability to convey thoughts, ideas and feelings more powerfully, and with confidence.

Our clients range from multi-national companies, small and medium enterprises, individual adults and students from 6 years old onwards.

We believe that speaking well is an art that can be learned and specialise in vocal communication skills so they become good and confident speakers of English.

Brian Lee

Principal Trainer

Our Principal Trainer and founder is Brian Lee who is an experienced News

Cindy Leong

Personality and Relationship Building Coach

Cindy specializes in helping team members build strong relationships

Thomas Flinchum

Written Communication Skills Coach

Thomas specializes in written communication skills

Patwant Singh

Corporate Communication Skills Coach

Patwant is a corporate communications coach that helps companies understand

Alena Chow

Associate Trainer

Alena is the Associate Trainer of Be The Voice Academy. She specialises

Interesting and very educational. I like it especially because it is practical. Helps improve client relationships and in business dealings.

Kris Luis

MeD8 Workshop at The Supreme Court, Singapore

It’s a real opportunity to let people understand that they are not always HEARD. It is amazing with learning these tools you can achieve much more personally and obviously in business.

Stefanie Green

MeD8 Workshop at The Supreme Court, Singapore

The time is short, Brian in his limited time taught us so much more than we thought we already knew. The experience is all totally new. Nothing which we have ever experienced before! Trainer is so encouraging, Brian, thank you!

Alicia Ong

Johnson & Johnson
We coach clients on how to hone their presentation skills, by providing voice training so they can use their voice as a vehicle to convey thoughts, ideas and feelings, more powerfully.

We coach students on the art of speaking well to score for their school English Oral Examinations and Project Work presentations. We also help students with DSA interview skills as well as LAMDA and Trinity Guildhouse examinations for Spoken English.

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