Business Communication Skills

Business Communication Skills

Business Communication Skills

The Lack of Business Communication Skills
Voice Training, Communication skills and Presentation Skills are really essential parts of Business Communication. Sadly, these areas are sorely lacking in many businesses.

Cost of Training
I was speaking with a fellow trainer last week and while both of us agree and feel so strongly on this, the truth of the matter is that many companies do not want to invest on staff training, least of all, business communication courses. One of the most common reasons cited is that the staff turnover is high and therefore, if a company spends precious dollars on training a staff and they leave, the company would feel cheated, swindled and resentful.

Cost of NOT Training
But my fellow trainer and I also strongly agreed on another point; what is the cost of NOT sending your staff for business communication training? In reality, it would result in a loss of business, or business not secured. In other words, if you don’t put aside a budget for training your staff to project a positive image to customers, you’ve lost the war before you even begin to fight.

Whose Face Should be Smiling?
What and who are the business communication trainers we should engage to help our staff secure more sales.

One type of training that most companies are less averse to, is Sales Training. Many sales training programs teach staff to smile and greet customers. They think that if they have pleasant sales staff, customers will buy. While this may hold SOME truth, we need to remember that the smile needs to be on the customer’s face and not the staff’s. Make your customer feel good and your customers will stay with you.

How can we keep our customers?
The voice and how staff members speak with customers is key. Notice I said how staff members speak “WITH” customers? Yes, speak “WITH” customers and not “TO” customers.

In business communication, we need to realize that customers are people and communication is a two-way street. Staff need to learn how to let customers speak, decipher the real question or intent, and reply in a confident, clear and articulate voice that will put a smile on our customer’s face.

How staff members speak with customers will certainly influence the outcome of any negotiation or sales pitch.

Tune in next time when I will share what the different types of business speakers are and some crucial tips on how to sound more intelligent when speaking.

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