Want to get a Direct School Admission into the school of your choice?

Whatever your forte, when your child is shortlisted for the admission into a school, the final hurdle is usually an interview by an Admissions Committee. How your child performs at the interview will greatly influence your child’s chances of getting that illustrious place.

Our DSA Interview Preparation Program helps your child project a confident image and speak clearly during the interview. We coach your child on how to leave the interviewer with great impression.

We begin with the basics of how to speak clearly with good articulation and couple that with projecting a confident image for the interviewer. We even look into how your child walks into and out of the interview.

Give your child a definite advantage at the interview.

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Pricing Package

Session Usual Price Special Promotion
Individual 3100/hr 264/hr
12 sessions 3720 nett 2827 nett (24% discount)
10 sessions 3100 nett 2542 nett (18% discount
8 sessions 2480 nett 2108 nett (15% discount)
6 sessions 1860 nett 1581 nett (15% discount)
4 Sessions 1240 nett 1054 nett (15% discount)
Mr. Terrence Chia
Father of Matthew

Hi Brian, just to share that Matthew was the shool prayer leader today and the principal was so impressed that he asked Matthew to be one of the presenters for his school’s Founder’s day. His lessons have really made a difference. Thank you…..

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