The English curriculum for students today places a greater emphasis on the oral communication skills of students. They are expected to be confident and fluent speakers of the English language.

The PSLE English Oral Examination takes up a large percentage of the overall English results. Our program focuses on helping students become confident communicators. We also enable students to elaborate on any stimulus by teaching them methodologies that help them organise their thoughts so that they can respond in a logical and systematic manner.

The allocation of marks for the PSLE Oral component constitutes 15% of the total score. If you break down the time taken versus the marks allocated for the PSLE English examination, you will find that the Oral component takes up the highest allocation, in terms of percentage allocated per minute of examination time – as high as 3.0% per minute for Oral, versus 0.3% to 0.5% per minute for the other papers.

Our PSLE English Oral Program prepares students in:

  • Reading
    • Learning to read with fluency, flow and emotion
  • Stimulus Based Conversation
    • Speaking on a stimulus without being prompted
  • Conversation
    • Carrying on a conversation with confidence

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Pricing Package

Session Usual Price Special Promotion
Individual 3100/hr 264/hr
12 sessions 3720 nett 2827 nett (24% discount)
10 sessions 3100 nett 2542 nett (18% discount
8 sessions 2480 nett 2108 nett (15% discount)
6 sessions 1860 nett 1581 nett (15% discount)
4 Sessions 1240 nett 1054 nett (15% discount)
Mr. Terrence Chia
Father of Matthew

Hi Brian, just to share that Matthew was the shool prayer leader today and the principal was so impressed that he asked Matthew to be one of the presenters for his school’s Founder’s day. His lessons have really made a difference. Thank you…..

Mdm. A. chua
Mother of Matthew - Pri 6 student

BE THE VOICE helped my son prepare for this English oral examination. My son was so mativated to learn to speak well. As a result. he scored the highest mark for his oral exam at another enricment class that he attends. He now confidently leads his entire school in morning assembly. I am so inpressed…

Ms. Lyn
Mother of Zhi Wen - Pri 6 student

Zhi Wen enjoyed the lessons conducted by you very much, so thanks again for making the lessons interesting and enjoyable. My Sec 4 daughter is also interested to join your GCE Oral course (if any) after hearing ZhiWen’s feedback…..

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