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About the course

1 Full Day (9.30am to 5.00pm)

The Quick Fix program is designed for companies with a busy schedule and need a workshop with very specific targets in mind.
This workshop enables participants to learn the specific techniques to use their voices so that they sound clear, articulate, interesting and captivating.
This workshop focuses on the following:

  • Why it’s important to speak well
  • Transmitting messages
  • Influencing
  • Building a confident voice
  • Voice techniques that harness the power of your voice

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Be The Voice!

The Quick Fix – 1 Day

The Quick Fix
1 Full Day (9.30am- 5.00pm)
9.30am Registration and Icebreaker for the session
Overview + Pausing
– Overview of why it’s important to speak well
– Pausing – Why it’s important & how it’s done
Articulation when Transmitting Messages
– Sounds of letters
– Vowels and Consonants
– The vs Thee, and A vs An
Breathing Right
– Breath control
– Breathing techniques
1.00pm Lunch
Building an Influential Voice
– Confidence for Your Voice
– Inflections
Harnessing the Power of the Voice
– Coaching segment for participants
4.30pm Question & Answer Segment + Feedback

The ability to pronounce words correctly makes listening easier for others, and thus makes them more receptive to what you are saying. Articulation has the ability to defferentiate the meaning of words. The lessons are fun yet very informative. If only time didn’t pass by so quickly.

Redenna Chan

Individual Coaching Client

I always look forward to attend Brian’s lessons. He is a very patient, helpful and detail-orientated person. He makes sure that his students really learn and acquires the knowledge which he is trying to impart. Along with the learning he also helps his students build up the confidence in themselves.
By far, he is the best teacher I have ever met.
Thanks Brian!

Ms. Carol Chia

Individual Coaching Client

Mr. Lee is always calm and patient when teaching me new techniques and methods in order to improve my self-confidence. I also realise that body posture is very important, especially when visible to the audience.

Mr. C. Fong

Individual Coaching Client

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