Effective Communication (Persuade with Your Voice)

Effective Communication (Persuade with Your Voice)

Effective Communication (Persuade with Your Voice)

1. A Very Powerful Tool

Voice is an extremely powerful tool! Without us realizing, the way we speak can cause others to shut off or feel the need to carry on listening to us.

Regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge it, all of us tend to react to someone based on the portrayal of his or her voice and the ability to achieve effective communication. Imagine having to listen to someone with a coarse, soft or irritating voice while attending a training workshop for an entire day? Wouldn’t that be physically draining for our ears?

The ability to convince your customers to buy your products and services doesn’t just come from your techniques to persuade but also from the credibility and sound of your voice while you are giving presentations.

2. Presence of Vocal Authority

In other words, this is known as Vocal Authority. Vocal authority is one of the most beautiful aspects that your voice can encompass for effective communication. When you have vocal authority, it means that you will not only be able to establish your credibility in what you say but also be able to influence countless decision-making processes. Don’t you think it will be great to be an influencer just by learning to achieve vocal authority?

What causes a presenter to stand out during presentations? Is it the content or delivery of the speech? Speaking really isn’t just about what you say but how you say it! Words are insufficient to move people. The voice and the way you bring across those words are what makes the major difference and bring about effective communication.

3. Credibility Required for Effective Communication

Always speak about what you believe in during presentations. There will be credibility in the words that you say when you speak on a topic of deep-rooted beliefs. You won’t have to try to persuade but actually be persuasive in the way you bring across a certain point.

As a person who uses your voice for a living, it is important to build trust through your voice. Your customers and clients may find it tough to trust you if you don’t pronounce your words clearly or if you mumble, thus losing effective communication.

Trust comes through clarity in speech and speaking from your own heart. So, if you want to persuade with your voice, you have to be able to share your pain, elicit sympathy from your listeners and harness the optimum power of your voice.

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