Bill Bryant

MD - Stolt-Nielsen Singapore

In summary I can say – Be the Voice is not your typical presentation skills academy. I had walked by the office in the ARC Centre many times and wondered who might use such training. I finally decided to give it a go and am so pleased I did. Brian has been an excellent teacher and the subject matter as such was excellent.

More than that though, he was a great mentor guiding me on changing so many things other things about the way I present / come across to people. He did this through excellent, practical suggestions about changes to style, speaking itself of course but together with some tricks and tips that have proven to be very beneficial!

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Goh Soon Peng & Fiona

Parents of Elroy

When I first chance upon Be the Voice Academy’s Brian, I was pleasantly surprised and awed by how a radio celebrity could have been so down to earth and genuinely want to help people bring out the best in their inner realms.

My son is an introvert in school and I cannot recall how many times I have been hauled up by the subject head and teachers about my son not partaking in class discussions. As a IP student, they are expected to be vocal and expressive in their thoughts and present well in a group environment. You are literally thrown into the deep water if you are the “quiet” type.

After we met Brian in “Be the Voice Academy”; I thought that was the best thing we did for him. He is now vocal and articulates well even after a few sessions. Brian give him the tools and taught him the techniques of confidence. Video tapping all the sessions and feedback to us, without fail, every week! Even my son’s teacher saw a remarkable change and asked what we did with him � LOL!

Cannot thank Brian enough for his patience and his professionalism. I would recommend anyone to “Be the Voice Academy” even if you just want to stand out of the crowd or be a great presenter even as a seasoned

Thank you for everything, Brian! Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Warmest wishes,
Goh SP and Fiona

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Suganthi Saravanan


I collected my certificate today after completion of my 10 sessions of voice coaching (verbal communication skills) in Feb 2017! He used to tell me to talk slower, breathe more, take pauses, power up words, concentrate on articulation and to lose that high pitch tone in my voice. I remember how I use to struggle with my high pitch tone when all I wanted was to sound serious. I no longer get sore throats during my trainings using my deep voice. As a trainer, I definitely made the right investment for my future by choosing Brian Lee as my coach! My testimonial in Aug 2017 from IRAS is the testimony! Thank you ‘Be the Voice Academy!’

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Redenna Chan

Physio Therapist

Brian gives you the tools to bring out the potential of your voice, something we use everyday without much thought. With his classes and constant practice, you’ll hear your voice grow in amazing ways.

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Stefanie Green

MeD8 Workshop at The Supreme Court, Singapore

It’s a real opportunity to let people understand that they are not always HEARD. It is amazing with learning these tools you can achieve much more personally and obviously in business.


MeD8 Workshop at The Supreme Court, Singapore

Interesting and very educational. I like it especially because it is practical. Helps improve client relationships and in business dealings.

Tan Kwee Sing


I like the relaxed environment and friendly lecturer.

Chow Pei Pei

Edwards Lifesciences

Great course. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to speak with confidence!

Miya Sandico

Johnson & Johnson

The training was very informative and ideas/methods very practical and applicable in our work.

Alicia Ong

Johnson & Johnson

The time was short, but Brian in the limited time, taught us so much more than we thought we already knew. The experience was all totally new. Nothing which we have ever experienced before! Our trainer was so encouraging, Brian, Thank You!

Jennifer Chong

Infinity Treasures

Many key points were very clearly defined and explained with examples. Examples are real, easy to relate situationally.

Karen Ng

Teacher at SRJC

Enjoyable and useful. Thank you, Brian, for your patience and teaching!

Tay Guo Kwang

Teacher at SRJC

I was able to know about my areas of improvement and the trainer was spot on and kind in providing ways to help. He also provided useful tips for training students.

Julianna Kok

Teacher at SRJC

An engaging trainer who is very passionate about what he does. He is also able to customize his training materials to meet our needs.

Parent of Gabriel Foo


Gabriel enjoyed your lesson and said you are an awesome trainer. Full of fun and knowledgeable.

Tham Zhi Yik


It helped me to have better articulation when speaking.

Christopher Fong


Mr Lee is always calm and patient when teaching me new techniques and methods in order to improve my self-confidence.

Ng Zi Xuan

Northland Primary School

Uncle Brian has taught me a lot. I was not confident so my oral examination mark was bad. After the lessons, I felt confident because I could speak with volume and confidently. I enjoyed his teaching as it was fun and I would strongly recommend this programme to everyone.

Caleb Tan


I have learnt a lot from Mr Brian. After going for his classes, I really feel a great improvement in my speaking skills. I would strongly recommend this class to everyone.

Mdm. Margaret J

Mother of Lee Ling

My daughter was attending a performing arts school and was preparing for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) examinations for Spoken English and Acting. However,when I attended the parent’s preview. I felt that she was still not up to the mark and was very disappointed with the performing arts school’s coach. I sort help from BE THE VOICE. Brian trained my daugher and as  a result, my daughter scored distinctions in both her LAMDA examinations …..

Mrs. Tan

Mother of Regina - Pri 6 Student

Hi Brian, Regina enjoyed her lesson yesterday and there was definitely an improvement in her reading recordings. Do let me know if you are conducting more of such lessons in future.

Mdm. Jessie Chia

Mother of Nicole - Pri 6 Student

Nicole enjoyed the class very much and it does help her especially the tips…..

Ms. Lyn

Mother of Zhi Wen - Pri 6 student

Zhi Wen enjoyed the lessons conducted by you very much, so thanks again for making the lessons interesting and enjoyable. My Sec 4 daughter is also interested to join your GCE Oral course (if any) after hearing ZhiWen’s feedback…..

Mdm. A. Chua

Mother of Matthew - Pri 6 student

BE THE VOICE helped my son prepare for this English oral examination. My son was so mativated to learn to speak well. As a result. he scored the highest mark for his oral exam at another enricment class that he attends. He now confidently leads his entire school in morning assembly. I am so inpressed with my son’s new-found confidence after his sessions with Brian. I am grateful that BE THE VOICE has helped my son learn a life skill…..

Education Testimonials


Hi Brian, I should have sent this message to you earlier. My boy attended voice coaching lessons with you this year and I would like to share with you his recent SA1 oral results. He achived full marks for both Chinese oral reading and Eng reading. He made marked improvement this time for his orals, scoring 47/50 for Chinese oral and 26/30 for Eng oral. Ever since he attended your lessons, he has started to project his voice more and reading clearly with better expression. I am glad I sent him to you for voice coaching. Thank you so much 🙂

Mrs. A.

Mother of Pri 6 student

Brian helped my son prepare for his English oral examination. My son was so motivated to learn to speak well. As a result, he scored th highest mark for his oral exam at another enrichment class that he attends. He now confidently leads his entire school in morning assembly. I am so impressed with my son’s new found confidence after his sessions at BE THE VOICE. I am gratefull that BE THE VOICE has helped my son learn a life skill…..

Mr. Terrence Chia

Father of Matthew

Hi Brian, just to share that Matthew was the shool prayer leader today and the principal was so impressed that he asked Matthew to be one of the presenters for his school’s Founder’s day. His lessons have really made a difference.
Thank you…..

Mr. C. Fong

Individual Coaching Client

Mr. Lee is always calm and patient when teaching me new techniques and methods in order to improve my self-confidence. I also realise that body posture is very important, especially when visible to the audience.

Ms. Carol Chia

Individual Coaching Client

I always look forward to attend Brian’s lessons. He is a very patient, helpful and detail-orientated person. He makes sure that his students really learn and acquires the knowledge which he is trying to impart. Along with the learning he also helps his students build up the confidence in themselves.
By far, he is the best teacher I have ever met.
Thanks Brian!

Redenna Chan

Individual Coaching Client

The ability to pronounce words correctly makes listening easier for others, and thus makes them more receptive to what you are saying. Articulation has the ability to defferentiate the meaning of words. The lessons are fun yet very informative. If only time didn’t pass by so quickly.

Ms. Gina Cheong

Projects and Events Executive, SAFRA TOA PAYOH

On behalf of SAFRA Toa Payoh, I would like to thank you for conducting the Stage Performance Workshop for the contestants. The workshop was really useful and we’ve received very positive feedback from parents with regard to the workshop. It was definitely useful in loosening up the nerves of the contestants and to make them more relaxed. Also there were many useful tips being taught to them on how to further ehhance their perfomance……

Ms. Emerald Ong

Distributer, Enagic Singapore Pte Ltd

Brian, you are a great teacher because you are able to give me an urgent reason to learn to speak correctly from now on. You are such an expert in your work that you correct the errors that I have been making for 56 years…..

Mrs. C. Lim

Private Student

Brian prepared me for my role as a cantor where I sing in front of 1,500 people. His experties really helped me understand the techniques that are required o convey my emotions and feelings as I sing…..