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Brian Lee

Brian, a luminary in communication and presentation techniques, draws from a rich background as a national radio host. The driving force behind Be The Voice Academy, he is deeply enthusiastic about guiding individuals in leveraging their voices to articulate thoughts, ideas, and emotions across both the business and personal growth spheres.

Brian’s connection to the world of broadcasting runs deep; his father, a revered broadcaster, left an indelible mark by delivering Singapore’s inaugural TV news bulletin and voicing the historic Proclamation of Independence in 1965.

Embarking on his own journey in 1982 at the tender age of 17 as an emcee and disc jockey, Brian honed his skills by observing and learning from renowned figures in the industry. His commitment to excellence led him to voice training at the prestigious London School of English.

Over the past three decades, Brian has been an integral part of numerous RSAF air displays and activities, showcasing his expertise both nationally and internationally. Notably, he played a pivotal role in crafting scripts and providing commentary for the Black Knights, the elite aerobatic team of the RSAF, at the inaugural Singapore Air Show and the National Day Parade in 2008.

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Brian’s impact extends far and wide, having coached a diverse array of individuals in the art of effective communication and presentation through their voices. From company directors and emcees to commentators, church cantors, students, and beyond, his formula for success has left an enduring mark. Notable clients such as Shell, Edwards Lifesciences, and Johnson & Johnson Singapore attest to the effectiveness of his coaching.


Beyond his role at Be The Voice Academy, Brian served as an Adjunct Lecturer for HEC Paris and Singapore Management University, adding an academic dimension to his wealth of practical experience.


Drawing clients from across the globe, including America, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK, and locally, Brian’s adaptable coaching style consistently receives acclaim.


In 2009, leveraging his expertise in commentating and presenting, Brian took on the task of training emcees for the prestigious SAF Day Parade. The success of his training was evident as the emcees ended up ‘stealing the show.’


Brian’s unique ability to discern subtle areas for improvement, coupled with his knack for creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, positions him as an exceptional coach who empowers everyone to truly BE THE VOICE!

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