PSLE Oral Preparation Award

PSLE Oral Preparation Award

PSLE Oral Preparation Award

PSLE Oral Preparation Award – Parents World ‘Best of the Best’
It is with great pride that we announce that we have won the Parents World ‘Best of the Best’ award for our PSLE Oral Preparation program. What sets our program apart from other programs is that our principal trainer fully understands what it takes to help students become better communicators. After all, isn’t that the purpose of the PSLE Oral Examinations?

Why is passing the PSLE Oral Examination important?
While the PSLE Oral Examination was always a part of the PSLE, it is only recently that more emphasis has been placed on this aspect of the examination. This is because as Singapore becomes more and more affluent, our government realises that it is not just about our paper qualifications that will make Singaporeans more successful. Our skills in verbal communications is critical in helping us become even more successful on the world stage.

Is communication skills important?
Passing the PSLE Oral Examination is just a stage of a student’s life. It is the examination of life that all out children will need to eventually pass. We need to not only equip them with the necessary paper qualifications, more importantly, we also need to equip them with verbal communication skills. Having gone through our education system (and also through more than half my life), I’ve come to realisation that we may not always use the math or science or geography lessons in our daily life as adults, but we will most certainly use our oral communication skills every single day throughout our life.

Prepare for the examination of life
Winning this award reinforces our belief that what we do, not only prepares students for the PSLE Oral Examinations, it also prepares them for the examination of life – and that is what is really important to us. We have seen quiet, timid and shy students blossom into confident, articulate and captivating speakers. We have seen parents beam with pride when they watch their children give a presentation. Most importantly, we have seen the pride and happiness in our students because there have learnt the art of speaking well.

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