Today, communication and presentation skills are edging out tech savviness as the most critical skills in the workplace, as more and more tasks are being carried out by computers.

In fact, the capacity to convey information has grown so crucial in most firms that an organization’s success now rests on how well staff, corporate representatives and management communicate objectives to both employees and clients.

At every level of any organisation, the success of each unit is driven by how effective team leaders are in presenting, and more importantly, delivering plans to galvanise their teams, and how adept each executive is in presenting ideas that convince their team mates, superiors and clients.

A 2011 Gallup poll found that more than 40% of working adults fear speaking in public. No matter the size of the group, 75% of people experience anxiety when giving presentations!

We Can Develop Your Team’s Voices
The good news is that public speaking and presentation abilities can both be learned. Anyone in any area may learn how to overcome anxiety by using the proper voice methods, which will also help them become more confident and enhance their presentation skills and abilities.

Many teams have found success using Be The Voice to provide internal presentations as well as public presentations of reports or plans. We offer strategies that groups may use to communicate effectively and accomplish their public speaking and presentation goals.

Whoever their audience may be, we mentor teams to be the voice that influences, motivates and inspires.

Principal Trainer – Brian Lee
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Brian is an expert on communication and presentation techniques who has experience and a demonstrated history as a host on national radio. The founder of Be The Voice Academy, he is extremely passionate about coaching people on how to use their voice to convey thoughts, ideas and feelings, and to deliver information both in the business and personal growth arena.

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