In the corporate landscape, the significance of proficient presentation skills and effective communication has surged, becoming pivotal for organizational success. The ability of staff, corporate representatives, and management to articulate objectives to both internal teams and external clients is now a determining factor in achieving success.

At every tier of an organization, the performance of each unit hinges on the prowess of team leaders in delivering compelling presentations that inspire their teams. Equally crucial is the proficiency of executives in presenting ideas persuasively to colleagues, superiors, and clients.

As the workplace dynamic evolves, communication and presentation skills are quickly surpassing tech savviness as vital critical skills to develop. Communication and presentation skills are therefore edging out tech savviness as the most critical skills in the workplace.

According to a 2011 Gallup poll, over 40% of employed adults harbor a fear of public speaking. Whether addressing a small or large audience, a staggering 75% of individuals encounter anxiety when tasked with delivering presentations!
We Can Develop Your Team’s Voices
Fortunately, the silver lining is that mastering public speaking and corporate presentation skills is an attainable feat. Regardless of one’s role, individuals can acquire the tools to conquer stage fright and anxiety through effective voice techniques, ultimately fostering confidence and elevating their presentation prowess.

Be The Voice has proven to be a game-changer for numerous teams, facilitating both internal presentations and public delivery of reports or plans. Our tailored strategies empower companies and groups to communicate with impact, achieving their public speaking and presentation objectives.

Regardless of the audience, our mentoring approach guides teams to embody the voice that not only influences but also motivates and inspires.

Principal Trainer – Brian Lee
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Meet Brian, a seasoned authority in communication and presentation techniques, boasting a track record as a national radio host. As the visionary founder of Be The Voice Academy, his fervor lies in coaching individuals on harnessing the power of their voice. Brian is dedicated to imparting skills that go beyond mere words—enabling people to effectively communicate thoughts, ideas, and emotions. His expertise extends into both the business realm and the arena of personal growth, making him a passionate guide for those seeking impactful communication and presentation capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions about our voice coaching services

Questions about our 1 to 1 voice coaching sessions

I am not sure if voice coaching is for me. Do you offer free trials?

Hey, we get it. Diving into voice coaching might feel like stepping onto a stage without knowing the script. That’s why at Be the Voice Academy, we roll out the red carpet with a free trial lesson. Picture this: You meet with Brian Lee, our star voice coach, and together, you hash out your goals, do a voice check-up, and sketch out a roadmap. This isn’t just any chat – it’s your first step to amplifying your voice in ways you never thought possible. By the curtain call of this session, you’ll be in the know about the tweaks you need to turn those vocal dreams into reality.

And here’s the kicker – it’s all on the house. No strings attached. This is your backstage pass to see if the spotlight of voice coaching is your kind of stage. We’re talking a full-blown strategy session tailored to your vocal needs. Intrigued? We thought so. Let’s set the stage together and find your vocal forte

How many lessons I should be taking to get better?

One question that’s music to our ears is, “How many lessons till I hit the right notes?” Here at Be the Voice Academy, we play a different tune – personalized coaching. After you jam with Brian Lee in your free trial, you’ll have a crystal-clear picture of the vocal hurdles we’re going to leap over. It’s like getting a tailored suit; we craft the journey to fit you snugly, no one-size-fits-all here.

So whether you’re a few sessions away from clarity or need a deeper dive to uncover your voice’s true power, we got you covered. It’s not about the number of lessons; it’s about hitting those personal milestones. And with Brian’s step-by-step symphony, each session is a step closer to your standing ovation. Ready to rock the mic?

Do you offer one-on-one voice coaching sessions?

You bet! At Be the Voice Academy, personal attention is the name of our game. Picture this: It’s just you and Brian Lee, laser-focused on polishing your vocal skills. And guess what? That first solo act is a free trial, just to see if the chemistry’s right.

This ain’t no chorus line; it’s a solo spotlight where every subtlety of your voice gets the attention it deserves. Ready to start your vocal voyage? Brian’s mastered the charts, and he’s ready to guide you to your personal best. Let’s turn those vocal dreams up to eleven.

What types of professionals can benefit from voice coaching?

Think voice coaching is just for the Adeles and Bublés of the world? Think again. In the fast-paced Singapore scene, from the boardrooms to the sales floors, your voice is your ultimate power play. Leaders, sales maestros, teachers – you name it, we’ve fine-tuned their vocal arsenal.

Our mantra? Your voice can open doors, break down walls, and elevate your professional game to new heights. Whether you’re pitching the next big idea, leading a team, or making that first impression count, the way you sound can be your secret weapon. Ready to command the room? Let’s hit those career high notes together.

How long it will take me to see the results with voice coaching?

Tick-tock, waiting to unlock that voice that’ll make folks listen up? Here’s the good news: The moment you step into your first session with Brian Lee, the clock’s already ticking towards your “aha” moment. It’s like flipping a switch; you’ll walk out seeing your voice in a new light, primed for transformation.

With Brian’s step-by-step conduct, every lesson is a tune-up that inches you closer to your vocal potential. We’re not just talking improvements over months or years – every session has a breakthrough moment tailored just for you. Ready to hear the difference a day makes? Your encore starts now.

Questions about Presentation skills workshops and coaching

What are the benefits of public speaking classes?

Picture this: you’re up on stage, the spotlight’s on you, and instead of the knee-knocking fear, you’ve got the crowd hanging on your every word. That’s no pipe dream. Public speaking classes are the ladder to that stage. They teach you not just how to talk but to communicate, turning jitters into persuasive poise. You’re not just learning to project your voice; you’re mastering the art of influence. And who better to lead the charge than Brian Lee, a virtuoso whose tips and tricks could well be your path to the podium.

And it’s not just about the applause. These classes hone your listening skills, push you to think on your feet, and craft messages that resonate. Whether you’re eyeing a promotion or aiming to inspire, here’s where you learn to pitch ideas that stick and stories that move. Let’s not forget the bonus round – networking. Rubbing elbows with fellow speakers and trainers broadens your professional circle like nothing else.

How can public speaking classes benefit me in my career?

In the cutthroat world of career advancement, standing out is the name of the game. Public speaking classes are your ace in the hole, supplying the skills to make your mark. Imagine presenting your next big idea with such clarity and conviction that it’s impossible to ignore. That’s the difference maker, turning potential into promotions and ideas into innovations. In Singapore, where the corporate landscape is as competitive as it gets, the ability to present effectively is currency. And in Brian Lee’s hands, consider your value skyrocketing.

But it’s not just about climbing the corporate ladder. These classes are a boot camp for soft skills – leadership, empathy, persuasion. Think about leading your team, not just with directives but with vision and inspiration. Negotiations, client meetings, pitches – they’re all stages where the skills polished in public speaking classes shine. It’s about making impact, where your voice becomes the catalyst for change, rallying teams, and winning clients. Ready to be the voice that leads? That’s what’s on the table.

I'm nervous about speaking in front of others. Can you help with stage fright?

Let’s face it, the idea of standing up and speaking out can send even the bravest into a cold sweat. But fear not, tackling stage fright is right up our alley. Brian Lee’s method isn’t about bulldozing over your nerves; it’s about understanding them, then showing them who’s boss. We start where you are, no judgments. Through tailored exercises and real-world practice, you’ll find your footing and, more importantly, your voice. It’s about small victories, building confidence one step at a time until the stage feels like home turf.

And remember, even the pros get butterflies. The trick is in turning those nerves into fuel. With Brian’s expertise, you’ll learn techniques to channel that adrenaline rush, sharpening your focus and engaging your audience. It’s not about never being nervous; it’s about never letting it stop you. So, if the spotlight feels more like a spotlight, we’ve got your back. Ready to turn the stage from fear to frontier?

What age groups do you cater to in your public speaking classes

While the spotlight’s mainly on adults, eager to sharpen their oratory edges for boardrooms and beyond, let’s not forget the budding speakers. Yes, we’re talking about a programme crafted for kids, specifically geared towards nailing those oral PSLE lessons. So, whether it’s laying the groundwork for future valedictorians or helping professionals command the room, our doors are open. Think of it as a speaking spectrum, where young learners and seasoned execs alike find their voice.

How do I know if I need public speaking classes?

Ever found yourself wishing the ground would swallow you whole during a presentation? Or perhaps you’ve seen eyes glaze over as you speak. That’s your cue right there. Public speaking classes are not just for the visibly nervous; they’re for anyone looking to leave an impression, to sway and engage, to lead. It’s about finding your voice, then amplifying it. And if words like ‘um’ and ‘you know’ are loyal companions in your speeches, it’s time for a change. Clear, compelling communication is not just a skill; it’s a superpower. Ready to wield it?

Here’s another hint: if you’re eyeing a step up the career ladder, these classes are your secret weapon. Effective communication is golden in the professional arena, often the bridge between where you are and where you want to be. So, if you’re dreaming of leading, influencing, or simply being heard, it’s time to step up. With Brian Lee at the helm, consider it an investment in your future, a ticket to the front of the line. Question is, are you ready to jump on board?

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in your public speaking classes or workshops?

Think of our doors as wide open. Whether you’re tackling the microphone for the first time or looking to elevate your speaking game, we’re here for it. The only ‘prerequisite’ is the willingness to learn, to step out of the comfort zone, and to voice your stories and opinions boldly. With Brian Lee’s guided expertise, we’re all about progress, no matter where you’re starting from. So, no prior experience? No problem. It’s your determination that counts.

Questions about corporate Presentation Skills Classes

What sets your presentation skills workshops apart from others?

What makes our workshops stand out? One word: customization. We’re not about cookie-cutter approaches here. Brian Lee dives deep into the specifics of what your team or company needs, tailoring content so it aligns perfectly with your goals. It’s this hands-on, personalized strategy that sets us apart. He brings to the table not just skills, but solutions, addressing challenges on both team and individual levels. After all, when you’ve worked with hundreds of companies, as Brian has, you know there’s no one-size-fits-all in excellence.

Then there’s the man himself, Brian Lee. With a CV that boasts names of hundreds of corporate juggernauts and a history of shaping speakers who captivate, he’s more than just a coach; he’s a transformation catalyst. Using a proven step-by-step methodology, he not only identifies and tackles issues but ensures by the end, you’ve seen real progress—turning potential speakers from nervous to noteworthy, one personalized session at a time.

How can presentation skills workshops benefit me in my career?

In the high-stakes corporate scene of Singapore, where competition is as common as kopi at breakfast, standing out is non-negotiable. This is where presentation skills workshops aren’t just beneficial; they’re career gold. They equip you to convey ideas with clarity and persuasion, making sure you’re heard in a crowd of voices. In a culture that values respect and harmony, being able to present your ideas effectively while navigating these cultural nuances can set you on the fast track to success.

These workshops are more than just learning how to talk pretty. They’re about building a personal brand, creating a presence that commands respect and attention. Under Brian Lee’s guidance, you’ll learn to engage your audience, sell your ideas, and inspire your team, all while keeping it authentic. It’s about being memorable for the right reasons. In a city that thrives on innovation and excellence, these skills are your ticket to the top. Ready to make your mark?

What is the typical duration of a presentation skills workshop?

Normally, our presentation skills workshops are designed to stretch over 2 days. This timeframe allows for a deep dive into the material and ample practice.  Depending on the unique requirements of a team or the scope of the skills being covered, we might extend the duration. After all, one size doesn’t always fit all, especially when aiming to empower voices in the boardroom or on stage.

Do you offer group workshops for presentation skills?

At Be the Voice Academy, under the expert guidance of Brian Lee, we specialize in tailoring our coaching to meet specific needs. While we emphasize individual coaching—since conquering presentation skills often boils down to tackling personal hurdles—we understand the power of learning in groups. Therefore, yes, we offer corporate classes designed to elevate the presentation skills of your team as a collective unit. This approach ensures that every participant’s unique issues are addressed, while also fostering a supportive learning environment.

Nevertheless, the core of our coaching philosophy is personal attention. It’s about honing in on what makes each voice unique and eradicating the barriers to effective communication. Brian’s methodical, step-by-step approach has proven successful time and again, both for individuals and corporate teams, in creating confident and compelling speakers.

How can I measure my progress in presentation skills workshops?

Seeing is believing, right? That’s why at Be the Voice Academy, we record our clients—whether they’re flying solo or part of a group—before, during, and after our workshops. This way, you don’t just feel your progress; you can actually see it. Initially, you get to see the hurdles you’re facing in action. Maybe it’s a pesky filler word that keeps popping up, or perhaps it’s a certain stiffness when you’re on ‘stage’. Whatever those issues may be, they’re spotted and recorded.

As you journey through Brian Lee’s carefully crafted coaching sessions, these recordings become a chart of your growth. You’ll see those initial barriers start to crumble as your presentation skills sharpen. By the end of your training, those recordings serve as a clear, visual testament to how far you’ve come. Yes, progress can be measured, and we’ve got the tapes to prove it.

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