Speech at Toastmasters – Preparation is Key

Speech at Toastmasters – Preparation is Key

Speech at Toastmasters – Preparation is Key

So now that you’ve sorted out your content for that speech at Toastmasters, you need more preparation before you even say your first word, otherwise you might just become toast. Here are some really simple tips that can help you become a better speaker, not only at at Toastmasters event, but at any event.

Establish a Pre-Speaking Routine
Before you give your speech at Toastmasters, you need to do something that will set your mental mode into one that is comfortable for you. Establishing a pre-speaking routine can also help your comfort level, incorporating everything from making sure your chair and microphone are set at comfortable levels, doing a quick sound check (if possible) and going over your speech and making sure you have a glass of drinking water are all great ways to help you feel as comfortable as possible in a stressful environment. Practicing deep breathing can also help in some circumstances. It is paying attention to the little details that make the big difference in your speech.

Exercise? Really?
Before your speech at Toastmasters, some prolific speakers swear that by doing a bit of light exercise right before they go on stage works wonders because it gets their blood circulating–bringing oxygen to the brain and allowing them to think more clearly. Cortisal, a major stress hormone, also tends to get burned out of your system with some light exercise. Everything in moderation, however; you definitely don’t want to go out on stage under hot lights sweating and short of breath even before the 1st word of your speech!

Keep tuning-in and I’ll keep sharing more tips on how you can fight the fear of public speaking and improve your speech at Toastmasters.

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