3 Public Speaking Tips for Toastmasters

3 Public Speaking Tips for Toastmasters

3 Public Speaking Tips for Toastmasters

Public Speaking Tips for Toastmasters
Today I would like to share 3 Public Speaking Tips for your next Toastmasters speech.

1. Fight the fear
Experts believe that traditional methods of fighting the fear of public speaking are counter-productive: ending the speech as soon as possible, coughing, drinking water, using a lot of slides, clenching fists under the lectern, rushing, imagining the audience in their underwear. All of these activities which are intended to help combat the fear of public speaking instead, cause you to enter a role of not committing or holding yourself aloof from the act of speaking. Know what to do and when to do it.

2. Speak WITH your Audience
So commit to your speech and speak with your audience and please don’t talk TO them. There is a great difference between speaking with your audience and talking to them. Many world class speakers and politicians fail to see the difference and this could be detremental to the overall intended message. Persuade your audience instead of telling them what to do. Choose your words carefully and more importantly, say those words with feeling and sincerity. But this is not something that’s easy. Often, we thought we said something, but our audience received a different message. It is all in the subtle way we say things that makes a colossal difference.

3. Don’t Rush
Rushing through a speech creates a barrier between you and the audience and can cause awkwardness and a loss of connection. Rushing can also cause you to breathe more shallowly resulting in a lack of breath control and feeling out of breath; which exacerbates the problem. By not connecting with the audience you’re feeding a more hostile-feeling environment which is guaranteed to ratchet your anxiety up a few notches!

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