VOICE TRAINING – Becoming a World Class Speaker

VOICE TRAINING – Becoming a World Class Speaker

VOICE TRAINING – Becoming a World Class Speaker

VOICE TRAINING for Speakers in Singapore to become a world class speaker

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Voice Training Coach Brian Lee

Why Do I Need to Do It?
With the raised awareness that YouTube, Google Hangouts and Vine brings, public speaking skills are more in demand than ever. How do you overcome the fear of standing in front of a small group of people (. . . or a thousand. . . or a webcam) and keep your audience engaged as if you were giving a groundbreaking TED or Toastmasters talk? Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some great voice training tips on how to supercharge your confidence for public speaking and help you become a world class speaker in Singapore.

Practice, Practice, Practice
There are many types of public speaking – from presenting or accepting awards, introducing other speakers, giving sales pitches, delivering technical briefings, speaking at a Toastmasters meeting and even delivering your wedding vows – all require distinct skills that can be gained from a precise application of learned behaviors. Incorporating props, varying your speaking voice and incorporating body language can help you increase your confidence as well as your ability to communicate effectively. While different types of public speaking require specific skillsets, there are a few universal activities that will help improve your overall ability. Here’s the 1st voice training tip: practice, practice, practice!

Public speaking is universally known as one of mankind’s greatest fears, even more so than the fear of dying. Stop for a moment and imagine that: people would rather die than speak in public! What’s so scary about public speaking, and why do some people seem to be able to speak on any topic–in any setting–flawlessly time and time again? Only the best speakers are invited to give TED talks.

Fear of public speaking can stall your career
Not only is a fear of public speaking a confidence-killer, it can be a career-killer as well! So many individuals experience panic attacks when speaking–everything from a shaky voice and lack of breath, to more serious issues like completely forgetting your speech and being unable to finish or losing control on stage–that people will go to a wide variety of lengths to avoid putting themselves in that situation. College students choose coursework that doesn’t require presentations, workers pass up promotions and assignments that would require public speaking. People may even choose a career different from what they truly desire based on a need to avoid public speaking. Some individuals will arrive late to meetings hoping to skip even simple introductions.

One of the main areas we focus on during our voice training sessions is teaching our clients to Speak confidently; whether or not you feel complete confidence in your speaking skills, can be one of the strongest deterrents to fight the fear.

Tune-in next week where I’ll share more tips on how voice training can help you can fight the fear of public speaking and improve your speaking voice.

Have a great day and keep visiting us for more updates, tips and tricks that will help your presentations stand out and provide you with presentation skills that will enable you to own any room.

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