2 Full Days (9.30am to 5.00pm)

Influencing with Your Voice is a program that helps people communicate more effectively and avoid misunderstandings at work or in business dealings! Understand how the tone of voice says a lot more that the words that that are uttered.

This workshop enables participants to fully understand how to transmit their vocal message in the way that they intended with absolute clarity.
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Influencing with Your Voice – 2 Days

Program Influencing with Your Voice – 2 Full Days (9.30am- 5.00pm)
Day 1 Day 2
9.30am Registration and Icebreaker for the session Registration & recap
Overview of Speaking & Tone Matters
– Overview of why it’s important to speak well
– Why tone of voice matters
– Pausing – Why it’s important & how it’s done
Owning the Stage (Part 1)
– Overcoming stage fright
– Controlling your state
– Being yourself
Knowing the Difference
– Sounds of letters
– Vowels and Consonants
– The vs Thee, and A vs An
Owning the Stage (Part 2)
– Body language
– Tonality of voice
– Eye contact
Breathe & Articulate Right
– Articulation exercises
– Breath control and breathing technique
Presentation Fundamentals
– Understanding your audience
– Presentation techniques
1.00pm Lunch Lunch
Pace & Link-Words
– Rules for Link-Words
– Pace
Preparation Process
– Participants to prepare a short presentation segment
Inflections & Volume Expression
– Inflections
– Volume expression
It’s Show Time!
– Presentation Segment
4.30pm Question and Answer Segment Question & Answer Segment + Feedback
Redenna Chan Jing Si
Physiotherapist at TTSH

Brian gives you the tools to bring out the potential of your voice, something we use everyday without much thought. With his classes and constant practice, you’ll hear your voice grow in amazing ways.

Joshua Caleb Chee
Corporate Coaching Client

Thank you Brian and BTV for helping me be the voice! I’d highly recommend Brian if you’d like to speak with greater confidence in life, at school or work. Brian is knowledgeable, patient and encouraging, and brings out the best in his students – the skills I learnt from Brian are timeless and highly applicable!…

Ms. Chow Pei Pei
Edwards Lifesciences

Great course. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to speak with confidence!…..

Jennifer Chong
Infinity Treasures

Many key points were very clearly defined and explained with examples. Examples are real, easy to relate situationally.

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