The ability to deliver information and present ideas is a key requirement in almost every field. In many organizations, it has even become a requisite for career success.

The ability to present well not only gets you noticed by your superiors, it enables you to communicate your message confidently to your team.

On top of that, good presentation skills empower you to sell your ideas convincingly to your external audience, giving you a better chance at influencing others successfully.

In a survey carried out by Prezi, a cloud-based presentation platform, 70% of executives agreed that presentation skills are critical to their work and they further admited that being able to convey peruasively through presentations is a vital ingredient to their career success.
We Can Shape Your Voice
The ability to use your voice to influence and motivate is a valuable skill in any field, at any level of the organisation.

Here at Be The Voice, our voice coaching programmes have mentored many executives in discovering their voice and using their voice to influence their colleagues, management and clients.

Our experienced voice coaches will tailor each session to your specific needs andguide you in mastering proven voice techniques that enable you to express yourself in a compelling voice.

Depending on the needs of your profession or the audience you are presenting to, our voice coaches will share the relevant strategies to adopt when delivering reports, presenting findings, making recommendations, pitching ideas, and persuading clients.

Whatever your job requires, our personalised voice coaching programme will shape your voice to be the voice that adds value to your career, your company.

How you say it
Matters more than what you say

  • Do you lack Presentation Skills?
  • Do you fear Public Speaking?
  • Do people often ask you to repeat yourself?
  • Do you have a weak voice?
  • Do you need to build your Confidence, Credibility and Presentation Skills?
  • Have you been passed over for a promotion because you don’t speak well?
  • Are you shy of listening to your own voice in a recording?

Do you happen to have any of those problems? Many of our clients used to have these problems but we’ve helped them overcome these difficulties in a very short time.

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About Be The Voice
We are an award winning Presentation Skills Training Centre that coaches our clients to use their voice to enhance their presentation skills, giving them the ability to convey thoughts, ideas and feelings more powerfully, and with confidence.

Our clients range from multi-national companies, small and medium enterprises, individual adults and students from 6 years old onwards.

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Principal Trainer – Brian Lee
As featured On
Brian is a communication and presentation skills expert who has a demonstrated history of hosting broadcast media programmes. The founder of Be The Voice, he believes that speaking well is an art that can be learnt and he is deeply passionate about mentoring individuals in harnessing their voice to communicate information and present ideas that influence and inspire.
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